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: re: advice on best slip trailers

updated thu 3 jan 08


Ivor and Olive Lewis on tue 1 jan 08

Well, yes, I have used the plastic tinting bottle that are reclaimed =
from hair dressing salons and those rubber spheres known as "Infant =
Enemas". Without modification I found both to be in need of modification =
since neither would give me the fine lines I needed.
In the case of the plastic bottles I used old fashioned cycle valve =
tubing to link a metallic tip from an empty Nikko Fine Point Fibre tip =
pen. This gave considerable flexibility and allows calligraphic fluidity =
to the marks which are made.
In the case of the Enema bulbs the quill was reamed out to allow the =
metallic fibre tip casing to be secured but in use the system had =
greater rigidity, ideal for ruling fine lines of slip.
Happy New Year to you all,
Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.