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brigham city utah, box elder high school archtectural ceramic workshop

updated mon 24 dec 07


Nan Thurn Kitchens on sun 23 dec 07

Greetings of the Season to all, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,
It's been a quiet week in Lake Claybegon, my hometown...I am visiting Minne=
sota for the Holidays and was greeted by a stack of newspapers from Brigham=
City, Utahin the mail this morning. Inside was an article featuring my wor=
kshop with Lee Burningham and his=20
loyal flock of high school ceramic students.
I traveled to Utah from sunny Florida the first week of December (brrrrrr) =
to teach an Architectural Ceramic workshop to his 130 students. The goal of=
the project was to create a 16 foot by 6 foot mural for the wall outside L=
ee's classroom. The theme of the mural included: subjects taught at the sch=
ool, special interestsof the students, the history of the area and our coun=
try, and the school's mission statement. We completed the four 4' X 6' pane=
ls in only five days, much of which was classroom time.
We estimated a grand total of 560 person hours.(woo hoo!)
I left the project in Lee's capable hands to supervise the drying, bisque f=
iring, and glaze firing process.The students were fabulous. We adapted thei=
r ideas and designs, along with some of our own and created
a place where the students could leave a mark on their school for future ge=
The project was beyond ambitious, but for those of you who know Lee... it i=
s what you can expect,=20
especially when it involves his students. The workshop was funded by a mone=
tary award to Lee,=20
for teacher of the year, from Wal-Mart last year.
His student teacher, Halee Rogers, prepped the students with slides of arch=
itectural ceramics from her travels,
and inspired them to come up with ideas for the design before I arrived. Sh=
e was a delight to work with and=20
contributed considerable time to the mural in addition to teaching other ar=
t classes.=20
I hope you will have a chance to meet some of Lee's students if you are att=
ending NCECA
in Pittsburgh.=20
See a few photos at: w=
ishes to you all for a wonderful prosperous New Year.
Nan Thurn Kitchens
Architectural Clayworks=20
Box 371070=20
Key Largo Florida 33037=20
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