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more slip advice please

updated thu 3 jan 08


gina mars on wed 2 jan 08

Hi All,I finally am back in the studio and decided to try a technique I =
had been interested in for a while.I bludgened a half bag of cone 6 =
porcelain and applied it thickly to a danish white platter, cone 6 to 10 =
I believe clay body. Well,it is cracking as it is drying.Usually I use a =
standard 306 brown body and turner porcelain but never combined anything =
till now. Ultimately, I would like to put a heavy creamy mixture on =
pieces like Steven Hill does but with my brown clay and a white or =
porcelain slip over it so that when I reduction fire it, the reds look =
great on the white creamy part.I would greatly appreciate any help on =
Thanks, Gina Mars
In NY where it is cold and my Weimeraner pup just ran through a huge =
bucket of that porcelain slip tracking it everywhere!