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residency program in angkor...

updated mon 7 jan 08


Info khmerceramics on mon 7 jan 08

Hi clayarters,

Please let me introduce our residency program for ceramists.

We are located in Cambodia, near Angkor Wat.

Environment is very attractive for artists in residence, Khmer ceramics a=
unique, and Khmer traditional designs are extremely rich.

Contact with Khmer culture will enrich artist=E2=80=99s creativity and op=
en new=20
horizons for him along his life.

This residency is located in a major site of worldwide heritage.

For your references, we already have the visit of : Janet Mansfield(AU),=20
Louis Katz(US), Alan Lacowetsky(CA), Suwanee Natewong(TH), Laurence=20

You can have an overview of our residencies:

And about our global project:

With all bests regards,


Serge Rega
+855(0)63 761 519