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studio music rant - two

updated thu 10 jan 08


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 8 jan 08

Hi Mel, all...

Below...just-a-little ramble amid...

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> my favorite.
> door closed and locked.
> the telephone unplugged.
> no music.
> no tv.
> no noise.

Yes...or, no damned 'Radio' ot 'Tee Vee' on anyway...

Nice thing about Working at Night here, it is 'quiet' outside, no Traffic to
speak of, have my Big Roll-Up Door open...sweet...

Intentional Music, once in a while though, very different matter...

I doubt I play more than a half-hours worth of Music a Month.

And at that, it is either because I am cleaning, or, on the Computer doing
something there.

99 percent of the time I am not listening to anything...or, I am hearing the
sounds of the Work, without per-se listening to them...and in many ways, the
sounds of the Work are meaningful, as you know.

Same with driving, maybe having always had 'old' Cars, most had no Radio
anyway, and, without listening to anything, of course one 'hears'
everything...the little piece of Gravel in the right rear Tire Tread ticking
as one goes...little rattle or flutter of this or that, the whirring sounds
of the Valve Train or Tappets and Transmission Gears and so on...anything
'new' comes-up sound wise, "then" you "listen"...and listen hard, too.

In the Office here, I have a Cee-Dee Player...and, as of a few weeks ago,
one in the Work Shop also.

I have Birds also, free rove, free fly, who pass through these rooms getting
well form injuryor illness or whatever...and anyway, one of them, 'Silver
Wing' a recovered 'Car Wacked' feral Pigeon Hen, she really liked 'Becks

She and her mate live in Southern California now ( made it through the Fires
okay too) and her mate, 'Poppa Shot Wing' was also a recovered feral Pigeon,
who in his case, had been shot...both of them ended up fine after a long
stay here, flew well, Healthy as 'Horses'...they made a Nest a foot from my
Computer once they had met here and fell for eachother, on my Desk here,
raised a few broods of 'peeping Babys' who I oversaw the growing up of, then
I took them and a bunch of others down to SoCal to a pal who has lots of
room and a nice Farm for them to be turned loose at, instead of here in this
bleak inner city environ.

Anyway, if I put 'Becks Bolero' on the Cee-Dee player, she'd fly up and
stand right between the Speakers, and just stand there absorbed in it.

She really loved that Song...

I do too, of course...

She, and some others also really liked, or like yet "House on Pooneil
Corners" by the Jefferson Airplane...Donavan's 'Hurdy Gurdy Man', and
uhhhhh, hell, can't think now, but definitely quite a few other Songs also,
at least the original and done 'right' versions of them... and similarly,
various ones would fly up, stand between the tilted 'in' Speakers, or next
to the ones who were, and just be absorbed in the music till the song was
over, then, sort of shake-it-off, and go back to whatever they had been
doing prior.

Generally, I have found that all Birds seem to like authentic Popular Music
and 'good' Jazz from the 'teens, and 'twenties or some early 'thirties, but
they do not favor 'big band' ( and nor do I )

They universally "hate" Barry Manilo, and quite a few others.

I am confident they would flock and Peck-to-death, 'kenny g' if they had
the chance, just out of basic taste and a respect for neuological well

The music used in the background of the film 'Crumb', is very much the sort
of thing I mean...which Birds DO like...( and which I like also...)

They have far more sophisticated tastes than people would have tended to

If my Music familiarity were more up-to-date, they'd have more recent stuff
to listen to and like, or not like...

Oh well...

> i am so tired of being assaulted by music at every turn.
> sometimes at the mall one gets three songs at once.
> and the dork kid in the store has headsets on listening to god knows what.
> `hey dude, what's shak'n?`
> how does a company turn over a million dollar store to a
> twelve year old girl with headsets...never minding the store.
> of course she has a blouse so low you can see Australia.
> rant over.
> phew, did that feel good.

Yes, and the Christmas 'Season' is especially loathesome in this
it's own special way...

> i think i will put on some mozart. low.
> of course what is worse, you get a ride from someone and the stereo
> is twelve hundred dbs above that of taking off dc10. HI HI HI, OH WELL,
> THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?` nevermind. pull stocking cap down tight...add
> plugs to your ears....i do carry earplugs on planes. that one kids with
> an ear
> problem...screams solid for three hours. i just plug me up. i
> would rather shoot
> a 44magnum for an hour straight. hey, phil, do you want join me? how is
> your
> little porkchop doin?

Funny you should ask...!

Well, actually, Miss 'Lambchop' is the 'little one'...'Porkchop' is the
'big' one...

I actually went Target Shooting recently after I do not know how many years
of not...went with a bunch of people I know who own this property now in a
pardnership, decent fellows, and suprisingly, all of very entusiastic about
Firearms. So, everyone brought a few Pistols each, and we spent an
afternoon, and, I got to be 'Rangemaster' since I did not trust anyone else
to do it, and, neither did they.

Anyway, at one point, someone stuck a little Styrofoam 'Jack-in-the-Box
Head' thing onto a Target Back, 20 yards from the line...outdoors...

And we all agreed to a casual little Bet and pooled our anti and so on, with
the understanding, that we would each get one shot at it...with whatever
Pistol we liked, and if no one hit it, we'd all go again till someone did,
and for everyone of course to have their Shot even if someone ahead of you
got it.

I was fifth in line, of one had hit it yet, and, for whatever
reason, I elected to try 'Mr. Porkchop'...who was not built for 'Accuracy'
( .45 LC, or, .45 ACP with the 'Moon Clip', Six Round Cylindre, Cut down,
Two-Inch Barrel, 1916 production Colt 'New Service' Revolver, highly
modified for the fromnt Trouser 'Pocket' for when riding Motorcycle or doing
Work Chore things out of Doors, Bobbed Checker-top Hammer, Bird's Head
Grip...makes a hell of a 'Fire Ball', too... )

Anyway, 'Bingo'! I got it, one shot, off hand...

Now THAT...was a 'Miracle'...! And I was aiming about a foot to the right,
and a foot and a half Higher, just guessing on what I remembered it's
manners to place the rounds, for that paralax or distance, too.

Though it has a lovely, refined Front Sight on that little 'stub' of a
Barrel, it does not hit point-blank if there is much distance, but rather,
some ways to the left, and, lower...being only intended really for close
quarters would be very surprised if I could repeat the feat
on demand.

It is 'easy' on the Ears, long as you are behind it...!


l v