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what are you listening to in the studio

updated sat 12 jan 08


Rick Mahaffey on thu 10 jan 08

Yesterday my iPod served up some:
blues from the Chess Records Story collection,
Van Morrison from Philosopher Stone,
Jimi Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower",
Cuban Rap from Orishas -Alo Cubano album,
Rocket 88 the original version,
something from Beef Wellington,
Turkish flute Music (the meditative music that the dervishes twirl to),
some funk from George Clinton,
two tracks by James Brown,
A song from Soul to Soul,
and a cut of drum music from Passion for Precussion by Darbukasololari that
I bought in Kappadokya, Turkey.

My students all turned toward the stereo when the god father of soul came on
- it was the first time I played music in the studio - and most of them

The shuffle setting on the iPod is great because with my collection of all
kinds of stuff you never know what you are going to get.

Today we did not listen to music - I like to keep them guessing. I try to
get a up to the minute song or two every couple of months to please the
younger ones.

Oh yeah, no country on my iPod................

I wonder what will come out if that wonderful player next time.

Rick Mahaffey