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jeanette featured in 500 tiles

updated tue 15 jan 08


Ridgely Schantz on mon 14 jan 08

Wow! That's quite impressive. As a beginner who's just starting to grasp the
range of what is possible to make with clay, I love to flip through those
500-[nouns] books to get ideas; I'm glad to see a fellow-clayarter among my
potential inspirations. I visited your website and blog - love your work,
and I'm a huge fan of robot-ANYTHING so I'm eager to see what comes of your
robot jag. Keep up the good work! Do you have any examples of your tile
designs online?

Mudpit Barncat

On Jan 11, 2008 5:38 PM, Jeanette Harris wrote:

> Just got my complimentary copy of 500 Tiles. My Sea Star tile from a
> sea-life series got in.
> I'm humbled by the level and variety of work in the new book. It
> will take many hours of looking to fully take it all in.
> It will surly hit the bookstores soon. Give it a look!
> (Still kicking myself for forgetting a whole bunch of other tiles I
> did and either sold or shelved. Only had 35 mm slides. New year's
> resolution: Get the slide converter and compile digital files for
> the future!!)
> --
> Jeanette Harris
> Washingzona
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