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the business of china-vicki

updated fri 18 jan 08


tony clennell on wed 16 jan 08

Gang: I got a note from Chicken coop Vicki in Texas stating that she
has been invited to be visiting artist in Sanbao. I think this is
fantastic news. Vicki the business of China is very competitive. The
potter tourist business that is! there are three options in Jingdezhen
that I know of. Sanbao is run by Chinese Canadian Jackson Lee and he
is very much a businessman- a very successful businessman. Sanbao is a
great place out in the country -less than a dollars taxi ride to the
city or a 2-3 mile bike ride. We rode there every Sunday to sit and
enjoy a bing pi jui (cold beer) and sit in the compound by the creek
and enjoy the chickens and ducks and lovely surroundings. Many on this
list have stayed there and will have more to offer- Terrance Lassaroff
for one. I believe the price per week is $200 US which includes room
and board. The food is fantastic there! I'd inquire about extras.
Jackson is not shy about pricing. I use the price of a beer as a
measure. Beer at San Bao 5Yuan or 65cents.
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute which is part of West Virginia University
is where I stayed. If you are after university credits either
undergrad or grad this is the place. they organize trips, lectures,
master craftspeople, etc, etc. This is a set time during the year and
you are there for the entire length of the program. It is in the city
close to everything including food alley which is fabulous. Beer price
3Yuan or 39cents
The Pottery Workshop- this is one of the residencies run by Caroline
Chen- Jingdezhen, Bejing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. the director at Jing
is Takashi Yasuda. If you know his work as a English potter you will
know he is very professional. The price per week room and board is
$300 US. This is more like standards you would expect in the US in
terms of toilets, cleanliness, heat/AC etc.. The people here are very
professional, speak exceptional English and will take ya every where
in town your heart desires- mould alley, fake alley, big ware
factories, brickyards , decal factoriies, you name it. Price of a beer
3 yuan 39 cents.
They are all in business and foreigners are flocking to China like a
Texan flood gate opened.
You read my blog and that was all that I got from JCI so I'm a happy
camper. Kelly asked me if i'd go back and the answer is an unequivocal
I understand that Necca is having a conference in Jingezhen Oct. 2008
It would be great if you could be there. I will find out for you where
it is taking place. My feeling is that it is either JCI or the Pottery
Workshop because they are both in the city. I hung out with Joe
Molinaro while he was scouting out the place for the conference.
Go,go,go. It is a fabulous city for people that love clay. I seem to
recall 60,000 people working in clay for a living.
I hope more Clayarters will chime in and possibly join you on the trip.
All the best,


Terrance Lazaroff on thu 17 jan 08

Hi All;

Tony sure understands the economics of Jingdezhen. I see that the price of
beer has gone up. My, my. I also fell in love with this great city and I
am returning again, as a fellow, for the third time this fall after the 20
year 1001POTS Exhibition and Sale in ValDavid, Quebec.

There is so much going on during the months of Sept through to the end of
October 2008. The Big event is the IAC Conference taking place in Xian
from 10 to 14 September. Jackson and his team have planned to host pre
and post conference tours to Northern China and to Tibet. In addition,
Jackson will probably be curating the Jingdezhen International Contemporary
Ceramic Art Exhibition that is held in the Great China Museum. There will
be masters=92 workshops and all kinds of projects such as the creation of th=
Sanbao International Ceramic Park.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Jingdezhen and Sanbao can go to

If you want to read my feelings about Sanbao you can go to