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floor tiles

updated tue 3 mar 98


Claudia O Driscoll on fri 14 nov 97

Once again I see that I should have been paying more attention. My friend
and I have an idea for making floor tiles, but I have gone 'in another
direction' all these years and did not even read most of the tile posts.
How high should floor tiles be fired?
We have done sample tiles at 06, but I fear they won't be tough enough
for flooring.
Thanks for any help...and a good address or two for tile sites.

Daystar267 on mon 2 mar 98

Hi all,
Am starting a project of cutting out tiles for our bathroom floor. Will a cone
6 clay be strong enough? And will a matt glaze be durable enough for "floor
wear?".. Am mixing hand rolled tiles (with a slab roller) with commercial
tiles for the outside. Will the hand rolled tiles have to be thicker than the
commercial tiles to start (to get the correct thickness when fired?)" Any body
out there attempt this project? And how did it all work out? I realize this is
a big project but is something that I've always wanted to do.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sue Davis in southern Florida