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my personal experience with wood fired stuff

updated sun 10 feb 08


Bruce Davis on sat 9 feb 08

Several years ago I took a two-week Japanese wood-fried seminar at the
George Ohr museum in Biloxi. There were two instructors from Tokaname, and for
one solid week we practiced and threw at the museum workshop. Then we went to
Brian Nettles house and fired his Anagama for the remainder of the time. I
had many nice forms in the firing. Some we glazed with shino and other
glazes, but most of mine were bare. The cone packs were puddles after we finished.
To me the resulting pots were ugly. Instead of a nice warm brown color
that I had seen in the magazines and on people's web sites, they were grey and
black......I was really disappointed.
Afterwards we had a show at the Ohr museum and we all entered two
pieces. My first piece sold for $450.00. The second sold for $250.00 Those two
pieces more than paid for the seminar. Since then, all of the pieces have
sold at one show or another-- usually in multiples of two or more pieces. And,
I didn't have to mark any of them down because I didn't personally like them.
I am such a whore.......

Best regards,

Bruce Davis
Mud Run Pottery
Gulfport MS 39503

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