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painted floors

updated sat 15 nov 97


John Tilton on fri 14 nov 97

Anne and I have just spent a month refurbishing the front room of the
pottery shop---the back room gets done after our Holiday Sale--- and one
of the things which we did was to paint the floors. We used a Benjamin
Moore oil based urethane floor paint--- 2 cans of Platinum Gray to one
can of Light Gray--- a color we now affectionately refer to as "Tilton
Gray". At one point we had six different colors of paint on the floor
and it looked like a Modigliani--without the talent, of course.

The floor is very beautiful and I'm really glad that we did it.

However,the fumes were horrendous so make sure to wear a mask, and be
prepared to sleep a bit extra, as you will not feel so good at the end
of the day.

That said, I have a Brent SR 20 slab roller, a Venco 3" pug mill, and a
Potter's tap and die set for sale. The tap and die set is used to make
pots with screw threads and I have all 3 sizes. Just thought I'd offer
them to Clayartists first. Alachua is in North Florida, near

John Tilton
Alachua, FL