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bentonite b and rowan vitreous engobes

updated sun 17 feb 08


Lili Krakowski on sat 16 feb 08

I did not have Bentonite B at the time I was testing Rowan's vitreous
engobes, so I wet mixed regular bentonite and ball clay according to his
recipe, dried, used...and it worked fine. So never got Bentonite B.

Taylor: your question about 06 and 04 is not clear to me. If you apply the
engobes and fire to 06, then why refire to 04? Are you working with
earthenware? I used the engobes at my usual c.6, bisquing as usual around
c.04--no problems. Do consider that at least one of those engobes contains
chrome which might affect tin containing glazes nearby.

As to kitty litter containing calcium containing bentonite: that may explain
why Cannonball gets better test results than I. Mmmmmmmmiow.

Lili Krakowski

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