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promo from miracle bat

updated sun 17 feb 08


mel jacobson on fri 15 feb 08

i asked john to post something of interest
on clayart as a gesture...good faith.
a promo.

after that email fiasco...well lots of people
jumped all over him...needlessly.
he hired a got out of hand.
some real dorks flew at him.
this is his gesture.
he is a good guy.
Hello Clayart,

There was a lot of confusion etc. when we made our last announcement. Since Clayart is a wonderful resource and exists because of so many great people and potters we wanted to honor that and make our 1st announcement of a price reduction here on Clayart:

This announcement is for those of you interested in buying quality pottery equipment at a new reduced price and to announce a winner for those that signed up themselves and friends to win a free Miracle Bat. A brand new product to the market is out as of Today. A new slabroller and handbuilding material, that is less expensive then all others on the market, is now available exclusively on our website. It leaves a completely smooth surface on clay, has a non-stick surface and for Further Details: Amazing Mat [ ]

Because of greater demand for Miracle Bat we are now able to produce it for less cost and pass that on to you. For example the Miracle bat starter Kit is now $12.00 less. For further pricing reductions here is a link.... [ ]

The winner has been posted on

from minnetonka:
clayart site: