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what i did in class today and new photos on the blog

updated mon 18 feb 08


Leigh Whitaker on sat 16 feb 08

Very cool. I can imagine you would like working on tiles since you are a
quilter. It seems like sort of the same concept; putting small pieces together
to make a larger thing.

I was going to tell you that you can get more tips for your air pen for much
cheaper than I've seen on any of the air pen sales pages. They are just
standard luer lock blunt end needles. I ordered some from this site:
_ (

The 1/2" size matches what you get with the air pen, and you can get a pack
of 50 for $6, or a pack of 10 for $2.20. I got some 20 gauge and some 21
gauge (which is smaller than are offered with the pen). I may even get some
smaller ones since I like to do really small detail work and I'm not having any
problems with my slip clogging up the 21 gauge. One nice thing is that I can
have all of the cartridges filled and ready with different colors of slip,
and not have to clean the needle out between each one.


In a message dated 2/16/2008 10:29:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
debthuman@ZIANET.COM writes:

Due to popular demand (okay, two of you asked), I took photos of the
tiles I've completed and the tiles I'm working on. They are on the

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Deborah Thuman on sat 16 feb 08

Due to popular demand (okay, two of you asked), I took photos of the
tiles I've completed and the tiles I'm working on. They are on the

I tested out the ^6 clay today by making tiles and I used my dried corn
on the cob to make texture. I want to see how the glazes I bought will
break over texture. I also made a couple of texture toys from the corn
cob. I'll try to remember to take pictures of them.

I did a bit of throwing, but somedays, and this was one of them, I just
don't have it. I made a couple small bowls, but just couldn't manage
anything of any real size. I like the ^6 clay I got from Coyote Clay.
Soft and nice to work with. I want to make a series of tiles from this
clay using slip and the air pen. I may have to retile the house before
I'm done.

I also made a bowl to hold the buttons, beads and earrings when I do
the naked raku. I made coils of clay, put them inside a metal bowl,
smoothed the inside of the clay, and promptly discovered the clay is
stuck in there. Yes, I do know better than to do what I did. I put the
bowl upside down so the inside dries slowly. Maybe it will shrink
itself out of there.

BTW, putting slip on a bunch of beads, earrings and buttons is a pain.
I finally gave up with the painting and just dunked.


Elizabeth Priddy on sun 17 feb 08

Have you considered making a tile quilt?

If you made hanging holes on the four corners of each tile,
you could join them together with fabric and hang it on the

I am very impressed with the precision of your decoration and stitching
on your quilted work, but you seem to lose some of this natural
craftsmanship when you get to the clay. Your tiles can be as tight as
your quilting and the decorative linework there would benefit from it.

Perhaps you might recreate a favorite quilt to start with, maybe half size.

If you are interested, I can help. These are just some thoughts on your work,
they are very interesting tiles, I would just love to see you take it up a notch
because I know you can. Your talent is emerging in your new media and
I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Maybe some tessellating tiles in colors with contrasting ribbons to make
them stand out or to coordinate.

I have had tile quilts on my mind for a long time, 10 years or so, but I
do not have the quilters mind that it takes to make it happen. It's an idea

Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing.


Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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