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fwd: clay mythology - electric kilns vs. gas and wood

updated thu 21 feb 08


Hank Murrow on wed 20 feb 08

Robert asked about weights, so I got out the digital scale.......
here are the results. Hank

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Robert
> Date: February 20, 2008 12:35:43 PM PST
> To: Hank Murrow
> Subject: Re: Clay mythology - electric kilns vs. gas and wood
> Hank,
> For comparative analysis I think we need to know the mass of
> finished ware produced by the firing. Then we could calculate a
> btu per mass relationship that would provide an accurate basis for
> comparing electric to fuel as well as comparative fuel consumption
> for different final temperatures and kiln volumes. Your total btu
> consumption is easy to figure from the total volume of gas but I
> think we should include the bisque firing as well.
> Take care,
> Robert

Dear Robert;

A typical load weighs 506.8#s total. 220#s for shelves, 100.8#s for
posts, and 186#s for wares(retail worth $1760).

The weight of the fiber lining is 368#s, the floor refractories weigh
300#s. That is it for now.

My electric bisque kiln is 3" thick, 8 cuft volume. No idea how much
to fire. Typically two glaze loads in each bisque.

Cheers, Hank