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about flameware - searching the internet on february 24, 2008

updated tue 26 feb 08


Helen Bates on sun 24 feb 08

Flameware stuff... What's online at the moment

The Craft and Art of Clay: By Susan Peterson, Jan Peterson Published
2003 Laurence King Publishing,M1

Flameware by Ron Propst

Ceramic Material: Petalite Lithium Feldspar

CLAYART archives -- August 2006, week 4 (#219)

CLAYART archives -- December 1996 (#58)

Low thermal expansion ceramic and process patent application by
Inventor: William B. Crandall - Patent 4301214

Seattle Pottery Supply E-Catalog: Search

Flameware by Bill Sax pinchgallery: Bill Sax Pottery
(archive) (current)

Gerald Morton, Moose Mountain Pottery Kenossee Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

CS04_05G.pdf (application/pdf Object) Ceramic Supply catalogue from 2003 - Google Catalogs

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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