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wood kiln ash??

updated tue 26 feb 08


Claudia MacPhee on sun 24 feb 08

Glad to see you ask that Tim, I also have some questions to add to yours.=
Mine are about using the ash to make glazes. Wood from domestic burning =
has lots of light, fluffy whitish particles-from the kiln it is almost mi=
neralized, like light sand. I use mine unwashed and just seive it. The do=
mestic ash leaves lots of larger particles, no charcoal as it comes from =
my cookstove. All the kiln ash goes right thru.
So I guess my question is the same as yours. I know that the last time I =
fired my kiln was just before Halloween and I had taken some of my giveaw=
ay candy out for snacks, without thinking I put one of the wrappers into =
the fire when I put more wood on, just like we burn everything inside the=
house like that. I couldn't believe the speed it flew off at! I guess ev=
ery bit of the light ash is pulled right into the ware. I also have a Ste=
ve Harrison design, long throat with a bourrybox. No-bullagama in Aussie.=

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