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median or average age/now spanish potters question

updated thu 28 feb 08


Marcia Selsor on wed 27 feb 08

If she can drive there are villages all over Spain but not readily
accessible by public transit.
Near Cordoba ...back in 1986 was La Rambla south of Cordoba . I used
the book, Las Rutas de los Alfareros by Emili Sempere. (1983)
Things changed rapidly after Spain joined the common market in 1986.
Standard of living skyrocketed ad functional folk pottery almost
vanished. Haven't seen much.
There is a folk pottery museum owned by a potter in Ubeda, between
Cordoba and Granada. There were a few producing potters there in 1999
not too far from the center of town.. I took my class there en route
to Cordoba.
On Feb 27, 2008, at 1:09 PM, Craig Fulladosa wrote:

> Marcia,
> I was reading old posts since i don't check this daily. My daughter
> is on an Education abroad Program in Cordoba, Spain. Is there
> anything there or neaqrabouts she can go visit about ceramics, maybe
> pick up a nice piece for my collection and snap a few pictures? She
> is a business major but i hope she will include art in her future
> since she is talented artist and perhaps my future marketing director.
> Thanks,
> Craig, the Clayman
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> From: Marcia Selsor
> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 6:16:49 AM
> Subject: Re: median or average age of a clayarter??
> Began in Clay in 1966 although studied art since 1961. Now in 41st
> year of Clay. Taught officially in Montana for 25 years and taught
> elsewhere here and there. Retired in 2000 from Montana State
> University-Billings. I worked in a group of studios after that. Now I
> am in my dream studio in South Texas.
> I met Spanish Potters all over Spain when I had a Fulbright there.
> The potters were wonderful. What an amazing year that was! I find
> pottery to be a very international language that immediately breaks
> down barriers. One old dueno didn't believe I could throw a pot and
> insisted that I demonstrate on his side saddle front of his
> 3 production potters.
> After I threw a pot, he gave me a personal tour of the place. That was
> in Puente de Arzobispo.
> Another potter in Galicia stopped work to talk, show me his studio,
> kilns etc. and have a glass of wine. I helped load and fired the
> granite kilns in Moveros as well as the three story kilns in Agost
> where I lived. (Article in March 1989 Ceramics Monthly)
> Saw things like kilns made from Granite called Celtic Kilns in Galicia
> and Extremadura. I visited 48 pottery productions villages and put
> over 12,000 kilometers on my old car.
> I'll be 59 in 3 weeks.
> Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor