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nceca connections - wood ash

updated fri 29 feb 08


David McBeth on thu 28 feb 08

I am the group leader for the NCECA Connections topic described below. I
have been using wood ash glazes extensively but only for about two years. I
proposed the topic hoping there'd be some good dialogue. I also hope any of
you ash glaze folks out there will join in on the discussion. Any of you
not going to NCECA but wanting to contribute can certainly send email to me
and I'll represent your ideas or concerns for you.


David McBeth, MFA
330 B Gooch Hall
Department of Visual and Theatre Arts
UT Martin
Martin, TN 38238

NCECA Connections
Small breakouts formed around particular organizational affiliations or
concerns. A group leader facilitates discussion and sharing of information
on various topics.

Groups and Discussion Leaders

5. Wood Ash: Washed or Not? David McBeth

This session proposes to create a dialogue among potters who rely heavily
on wood ash in their glazes. How do you use ash? And primarily - do you
wash the ash or not, how does washing affect the glaze? Time allowing we
can also discuss the health issues of using wood ash. While ash glaze is
not a new glaze material - is it being used in new ways and what are
the environmental impacts of using ash glaze?