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snow days and studio shelving

updated fri 29 feb 08


gary navarre on thu 28 feb 08

Hay Crew,

Something I was finally able to muster up the
gumption to get was a bunch of bricks from under the
snow covered kiln site so I could make some shelving
in the throwing room. I'm thinking most of my kiln
shelves are 12"x24" so plywood shelves 1'x4' or 1'x8'
could give me an idea of how many shelves of pots I
have for a firing. For a look at how I solved
arranging a making area in a small room start here and
click the picture or "next" for next...

From here on is a couple of earlier video of kiln
construction I had been meaning to get to posting so
here comes that stuff...

I'm not certain where that fit into the time line of
construction based on the time stamp but it isn't
super important. Next is a lighting test walk-about...

Decent lighting makes working at night much easier
and after I put in another flood filming was also

Now the weather has kept me inside more so I got to
make progress setting up a work space and made good
use of my time on a day off work at Wally World...

... so I could end up practicing at the wheel...

... and make an Asylum Lake Pot. Stay tuned cause I'm
gonna post most of the video I shot of parts of the
kiln building most people never consider. Thanks for
watching and stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA

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