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limit formulas for beginners

updated tue 4 mar 08


Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery on mon 3 mar 08

I find limit formulas to be great place to start when working over a well as the weight %.......and the finished test tiles/
line blends/grids. Even just looking at a glaze batch recipe can
tell me some important information. All of them contribute greatly
to my understanding of a glaze. All three evaluation methods get me
into the "ballpark" of my desired target glaze.....and help me decide
which ones warrant further testing. If I my target is a glaze to use
on dinnerware, the "stricter" limit formulas of John & Ron suit me
just fine as I would rather error on the side of safety. When
working on a "not for dinnerware glaze"...... then I can loosen up.

Since I work mostly with potters just getting their feet wet in glaze
chemistry.........they are always relieved when I present them with
some "ballpark" limit formulas. I can feel the relief in the room
when they finally get some "numbers" to work with. As they develop
more skill, they will eventually draw their own conclusions. But
limit formulas are a great place to start...... especially for

Chic Lotz