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nceca firing fun

updated sat 8 mar 08


mel jacobson on fri 7 mar 08

i just opened my second firing in ten days.
over 100 pots.
no rejects.

i have put six pics on my clayart website for those interested.

i have been working on some tea caddies/(for joe koons)
to go with our chinese tea bowls...temmoku.

man oh man. got that great ming blue celedon.
about 20 caddies, two great mugs and a big bowl.
leach 1234/3%iron ox. just perfect with the high iron body.

the rest of the firing was spectacular...from my stand point.
could not have been happier.

rich copper reds and a few copper aqua. red to purple.

my taconite crushed pellets are doing great things.
smiling potter boy.

melvin lee jacobson

i think i have conquered rickets.
i should be on some sports show. crippled kid makes a comeback.
makes `all city` center in football.

from minnetonka:
clayart site: