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fw: new kid on the block

updated wed 12 mar 08


David Woof on tue 11 mar 08

Kid, yer lettin out all our secrets!!! damn! an I ain't happy so I'll just=
tell the rest!!! I threw out the water years ago, use a bit of peanut but=
ter(organic) on my hands to get the dry clay moving. Using dry clay saves e=
ven more time because one does not need shelf drying time. The handbuilt co=
ils are a bit harder to form initially but yious can ghet the hang of it fa=
st if you watch my video on " on." So about firing: why did=
n't you tell the good folks on Clayart about not needing to turn the burner=
s on at all? way out up here we just keep passing around a plate of organi=
c herb cookies until the flames just seen to shoot and leap out of everywhe=
re. And Kid, no drab colors.....ever!David WoofClarkdale,Arizona928-649-59=
27 =20

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