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kids and clay-followup

updated wed 12 mar 08


Claudia MacPhee on tue 11 mar 08

Their reaction to the clay was no surprise to me, in fact it put a big=
smile on my face. Almost all my 4 yr old boys at school do the same thin=
g. Except they all want knives and 'poky things' (needle tools) so they c=
an spend an hour cutting the clay into pieces and poke holes in it. Don't=
let them have sponges and water!!! Last time I did that there was a huge=
mud mess to clean up before the next class of older kids came in, they w=
eren't amused and neither will you be. One of the many child experts that=
frequent our school told me that clay is the ultimate therapeutic experi=
ence for kids. Pounding is also a big thing at this age. Repeated failure=
s on the pinch pots will eventually teach the 5 yr old to slow down. Expe=
rience IS the best teacher. One reason clay is so wonderful with kids is =
the opportunity to take lots of chances. Doesn't work-no big deal, no mat=
erials wasted, just use it again. Good luck with the next time.

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