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updated wed 12 mar 08


Rebecca Knight on mon 10 mar 08

The 11th Annual Clayart Mug Exchange will take place in the Clayart
Room at 6:45
pm on Friday, March 21st. Here are the particulars:

The Exchange is open to all members of the Clayart Internet Discussion

1. Pick a mug, or another ceramic object you've made, for the exchange.
Only one item, please. Since all the pieces will be put in bags for the
exchange, your piece must fit in a paper bag measuring approximately 5" X 4"
X 9".

2. Please place your business card or a handwritten card with your name and
contact information inside the mug. It would be wonderful if you would
include technical information on the card about the mug, such as
construction method, firing temperature, and glazes used.

3. Bring your mug to the Clayart room any time on Thursday or Friday and
place it on the designated table. The sooner the better, as we all love
looking at the mug exhibition during the conference.

4. Come to the Clayart room between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm Friday evening and
retrieve your mug. Hand it to a Muggette on duty, who will put it in a
paper bag, seal it, and place it on the table. You will be given a ticket
for the Mug Exchange. This time between bagging your mug and the start of
the exchange is a great festive time to visit with all your Clayart friends.

5. The doors will open at 6:45 for the exchange. You MUST have your ticket
to enter the room. A Muggette will collect your ticket and direct you to
the table, where you will select a mug in a bag. So others may choose,
please move away from the table after you have your bag.

After everyone present has picked a mug, try to get together with both the
person who received your mug as well as the person who made the mug you
picked. Part of the point, and fun, of the Mug Exchange is to meet new
Clayart friends.

Since there is a very well organized stay-at-home exchange, the one at NCECA
is limited to Clayart members attending NCECA, who are able to meet at
6:30for the exchange. We find it's much more fun when you get to meet
partner face to face.

The Muggette crew this year includes Jennifer Boyer, Ann Testa, Logan
Johnson, Lois Wilkins, Amber Fuller, Irene Lawson,
Susan Fox Hirschmann, Deborah J. Maxwell and Rebecca Knight. Many thanks to
all who volunteered.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Susan Fox Hirschmann on tue 11 mar 08

I have 63 yellow bags (that someone gave me at a show I was doing) that
measure 15" x12"....i can bring them to the clayart room for the mug exchange. Do
you want them?

Susan Fox Hirschmann
Annandale, VA

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