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ceramic technician position-bellevue community college (wa)

updated tue 18 mar 08


scott paulding on mon 17 mar 08

Ceramic Technician Position available:

Ceramic Technician needed at Bellevue Community College. Duties
include: firing student's work, mixing glazes, kiln wash, preparation
of other materials used, general kiln upkeep, and running the open lab
sessions for weekend student use. Applicants must have a good
understanding of ceramics, strong communication skills and able to
work weekends. Please send your resume via email and/or contact
Kristen McConaha, Art-Zones Program Manager at 425-564-2954 or at for more information.

The hours total about 25-35 per month (or 100 per quarter), and the
lab hours are on Saturdays from 1-7 PM and on Sundays from 1-4 PM year
round. Depending on the number of individuals who qualify and or the
number of hours each person is able and wants to work, those hours may
be divided between the lab technicians. Previously we have had two
individuals split the hours, but we are open to changing this should
someone want all of the hours. Some weekday evenings hours are also
available on an as-needed basis depending if we need to unload a kiln
or for special circumstances. The rate of pay per hour is $15 for
non-faculty, part-time hourly who qualify.

Kristen McConaha
Art-Zones Program Manager and
2007-2009 Executive Board Member for CEC
Bellevue Community College, Continuing Education
Tel: 425-564-2954, Fax: 425-564-4002
Mail to: 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue, WA 98007-6484
Office: 10700 Northup Way, Room 243, Bellevue
Web: , Email: