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wood firing with character

updated wed 19 mar 08


tony clennell on tue 18 mar 08

Hey gang: I'm passing this along for Amy Kilne of Pottery West school
in LV. If you want to ride a wood fired train with a couple of genuine
characters this is your chance. Al Tennant and Tom Coleman together
would be just too much fun with a combined pile of history in
contemporary ceramics.
Wood-fire in our 100 cu. ft. Train Kiln built by Al Tennant and the
Pottery West staff.
Fee is $25 for 1 cu. ft. of space.
Al Tennant and Tom Coleman will be firing the kiln with us.

Wadding pots and loading the kiln will take place on Saturday March
29th starting
at 9am sharp. Bring your pots with you on this day. The people sending
pots from Hawaii will want to have your pots shipped to Pottery West
to arrive by March 28th. We will start the kiln in the morning of
Sunday March 30th and fire thru April 1st. The kiln will be opened by
Friday morning April 4th. The exact date and time to open the kiln is

How Wood-firing 'Glazes' your pots:
The ash in a wood-kiln IS a glaze. Glazing a pot with other glazes and
wood-fire slips is used as a way to
enhance the effects of the wood ash that will be deposited onto a pot.
(un-like a catanary arch kiln) the ash
deposit from a Train Kiln will hit hardest on the side of the pot that
is facing the fire. (or, the burry box).
The flame and ash will then wrap itself around the pot, trailing into
a whisper of effect on the other side.
Other variables will effect this patterning of ash : where it is
placed in the wood-kiln, and how close it is to
another pot. Tom Coleman suggests we think of the way ash travels thru
the kiln similar to the way water
travels. Water takes the path of least resistance.

How to prepare your pots for wood-firing: (use a cone 10 porcelain or
stoneware clay body)
If you're planning to wood-fire functional ware it is best to roll the
inside of the pottery with a Shino Glaze or a tenmoku. A light spray
of shino or tenmoku on one side of a pot is nice to enhance the
wood-ash. Wood-fire
slips are also a nice way to prepare the surface. There are several
formulas available on-line when you search
for wood-fire slips. We suggest applying the glaze or slip and
bisque-firing it onto your pots. This keeps them from
chipping or rubbing off in transit. It's best to wad your pots on-site
just before they are loaded into the kiln. If you
don't know how to wad your pots we will show you how. And, Pottery
West will provide wadding material.

To register for the wood-fire contact Amy Kline at
or call #702-987-3023

Sam Chung Workshop at Pottery West in Las Vegas, NV is scheduled for
April 19, 20.
Fee is $80 and bring pot-luck. We currently have 14 people interested
in registering for Sam's workshop and 2 of these people have actually
given their $80 fee to attend. We need a total of 26 people to break
even. If you are planning to register for the Sam Chung Workshop you
will need to do so by April 1st. This way we can let Sam know either
way and he can plan accordingly.
Here are some links you to view Sam Chung's work:
To register for Sam Chung's workshop contact Amy Kline at or call #702-987-3023