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apm elements

updated sun 30 mar 08


Shula on sat 29 mar 08

Dear ClayBuds,

Are APM elements REALLY worth the money? Gees, are they expen$$$$$$ive!

Here's the story. I'm (still) in the market to buy a kiln with a controller. I expect to fire bisque and mainly cone 6, but intend to buy a kiln rated for cone 10, so I have that option as well. I would also like to experiment with crystalline glazes. That's where the APM elements come into play. Are they really so much better? Will one set of APM elements last so much longer and be so much better than the equivalent in price several sets of regular elements?

Thanks for your help.

Desert Hot Springs, California USA

I keep checking Laguna's board and Craig's list for a kiln, but the offers for what I want are always too far away. I know the minute I buy a kiln, I will see exactly what I want in the next town, but that's a whole other story.

I am eager for next year's NCECA, so I can go. Planned to go this year, but due to changing jobs, I didn't have vacation time. But next year, in Phoenix . . . perhaps the former Phillie fillies will again unite as we did in Portland (the maiden voyage for two of the three of us)!