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nceca 08 photos-- thanks for the info, people!

updated mon 31 mar 08


Rachel Campbell on sun 30 mar 08

Hi all!

I'm glad people are enjoying the NCECA photos, and want to thank all
those who helped jog my memory on the (?)'s in my photo
captions... Yes Tayor, I really should know the royalty... My brain
was seriously fried after the weekend. But I've somewhat recovered,
and Jon Singer's memory is, as I'm sure will surprise no one,
phenomenal (he sent me a LONG list)!

So I've got a bunch of fixes up on the site... if anyone sees
themselves and wants the (?) changed, let me know, and if anyone
wants their identity to become secret (belatedly), let me know that too.

I'm enjoying the memories (still) and thankful that clayart is back
online so I can get my fix!

Hoping for spring to finally stick for good... Rachel in Odenton, MD