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thanks lee's for "compressed air kerosene burners"

updated wed 2 apr 08


Duff bogen on tue 1 apr 08

I was a little flip in my first reply. Silly and thankful are an akward pair... to let you know what I'm about-
I'm trying to put together data from three realms and bring them to the discussion of waste oil as fuel here on clayart.

European commercial and individual sites with data about waste oil combustion.
American potters having experience with rotary-cup burners while working in Japan where they seem to be "the standard"
Backyard foundry and steamboat pyromaniacs who have data which might be applicable to pottery
It's Ironic that this design was from the 40's and 50's in the US but the new applications are not being done here. Here we have the wooly fringe reinventing the technology.
Lee wrote:
On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Duff bogen wrote:
> Lee
> I'm curious about these. do you have brand names or some online source where I can see >what these things are?


I have a catalog in Japan. A friend is a salesman for a
ceramics supply store in Kasama on the other side of the mountains
from Mashiko. I can't find anything on the web on cursory glances,
but will look again later.

They are very noisy, sounding like rocket engines.

I saw MacKenzie's rebuilt kiln the other day. It is as
huge as the one he replaced, but doesn't have the second back chamber.
The flue and drafting is much more efficent.

I asked how he likes his advancers and he says he really
likes them, but he had to adjust his heating and cooling cycles
because he cracked a bunch in the beginning heating and cooling too
fast He and Nancy are hale and hearty! He has a bunch of shows
including Shunn in Tokyo he is saving his best pots for. He is
experimenting with form and glaze effects. Some elegant shapes
reminiscent of Lucy Rie. He is an example that, both creatively and
politically, you don't have to ossify as you mature.

Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

"Ta tIr na n-óg ar chul an tI-tIr dlainn trina chéile"-that is, "The
land of eternal youth is behind the house, a beautiful land fluent
within itself." -- John O'Donohue

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