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portable studios

updated thu 20 nov 97


Samantha Parsons and Don Snyder on tue 18 nov 97

Hello Out There: I'd like to know if anyone has ever set up a portable
studio. I want to retire elsewhere and don't want to invest in building
a studio where I live now - for lots of good reasons. A studio most
likely would not make my present place more saleable and I want to take
my equipment with me when I leave anyway. I was considering a standard
trailer shell about 26 or so feet long for everything but the kiln. Any
suggestions, experiences, advice for a newbie? Studio/art pottery and
small scale scuplture are my interests. Currently a student and
apprentice in So Cal.....thanks so much....

Samantha Parsons (Sam) In the Upper Mojave where the weather can't make
up its mind. Heat required on way to work. A/C required to run errands
at noon!

john eden on wed 19 nov 97

I think it is a good idea. At Central Arizona College in Coolidge they have
one of those large containers that go on the back of semi's which is used
solely as a glaze room. It has a roll up door on one side and skylights. I
believe it was acquired from a company that takes old containers and
converts them into storage units. Tom Belden who teaches ceramics there
would be able to give you information as to supplier etc.. I suppose the
type of weather you normally get would be an important consideration. Here
with possible minus 40 in February it would probably not be a good idea, but
in Southern Cal.............. Cheers, John.

John Eden
Ceramics Department
John Abbott College
Ste. Anne de Bellevue
Quebec, Canada.
514-457-6610. ext. 395
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