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a pottery supply business in southern oregon

updated mon 7 apr 08


Roxanne Hunnicutt on sat 5 apr 08

Potters in Southern Oregon have had only one good supplier for clay and
glaze materials. Now the business is for sale and if there is not a buyer
may just close. This would be really a terrible inconvenience since the
other suppliers are hours, two to three, away.

I sure hope no one minds if I post here what the owner wrote up. I asked Mel
first. I know this group would be the best to help find a likely buyer and
will care whether pottery prospers in Oregon, just as you care about your
own area of the world.

Live in Beautiful Oregon . . . .
If you have ever dreamed of owning a pottery supply business, your
opportunity is now. After 30 years in business, it is time to retire. This
is a turn key operation. We represent the industry's leading manufacturers
of supplies and equipment, including Laguna Clay, Skutt, Cress, Amaco,
Brent, Kemper, and Aardvark to name a few. Southern Oregon Pottery Supply is
located in the beautiful Rogue Valley, close to mountains, rivers, forests,
and the coast. The vibrant art community includes theater, music, film, art
galleries, and an active clay community. Interested in learning more?

Bonnie Morgan
Southern Oregon Pottery Supply
541-535-6700 Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Yours, Roxanne Hunnicutt.

PS: I live in Grants Pass, Oregon but the pottery supply is in Talent, which
is closer to Ashland, a college town with a VIBRANT Shakespearean festival
and lots of wonderful summer and winter outdoor activities.

We have an active organization for the potters in our part of the state:
Clayfolk. We put on a sale yearly, have great workshops and generally enjoy
meetings (in which we do more than just business) about six times a year.
Sure hope this is intriguing. I love the area but I was born near here. OH!
By the way the ocean is just a couple of hours away.