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american goldfinch/business

updated mon 7 apr 08


mel jacobson on sun 6 apr 08

the goldfinch turned bright yellow last night.
he is a glory...along with mr. cardinal in the

i wonder? how many potentates, kings, noble by
birth went to the local potter and said.

`i want a bowl the color of a goldfinch, and i
want it next week for my birthday.`

just think of the problems they had trying
to keep rich folks off their backs. and scarrrry when
you cannot comply.

by the way:
if you sign an exclusive contract in a big new york cannot sell your work without the 60
percent going to the gallery. that was ken's plight.
break it all, make new...and, the instruction is always:
`make it new, edgy, we don't want those storage jars
any longer...make rabbits.` (gotta read the fine print.)
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