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101 clayart mugs... logistics issues...

updated thu 20 nov 97


Talbott on wed 19 nov 97

I possibly may not be able to get a venue at NCECA.. things are still up in
the air... sort of like trying to drive a car down a highway with a remote
control while sitting at my computer... Even if a venue at NCECA can be
obtained the problems are: #1) I will not be at NCECA to put up shelving,
set up the display, and keep the exhibit secure for the duration of NCECA,
since at this point there is no space that could readily accomodate such a
display 2) The exhibit would have to be packed up and shipped to the next
destination. This is a time commitment to do this... I know.. I have been
there! 3) No other organization has expressed interest in hosting the

I could host the exhibit at my gallery in Naples, Maine if all else
fails... The exhibit would be seen by approx 600 or more customers in
conjunction with the 2nd Annual Clayarters Gallery which commences this
coming summer. This is not what I originally had envisioned for the Mug
Exhibit but these logistical issues are very real. I just wanted all of
you to know what the present status was. I have gotten responses from many
potters including potters in Europe and Canada. I still very much want the
exhibit to happen but I do want all of you to know my concerns. I do not
want to deceive anyone about what is going on. Your comments are
welcomed... ...Marshall


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