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raku and terra sig question

updated fri 4 apr 08


Teri Lee on wed 2 apr 08

Has anyone done raku using terra sig and tape and come up with odd white markings on the sections that were masked with the tape? (I use the tape to develop black lines between my glazes.)

Of course, I remove the tape before I raku, but the lines that remain after I remove the tape are strangely white along the edges before fading to black in the middle of the lines. There are black speckles witin the white. This is the oddest, most baffling result. I bisque to cone 06 and raku fire to 1800-1830.

I had one pot that didn't mature fully in the raku fire. On that pot, the glaze FLAKED off. What gives? Any ideas what the hell is going on?

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