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surfing with helen bates - april 4, 2008 - scotland, usa,

updated sat 5 apr 08


Helen Bates on fri 4 apr 08

"Kill" vs "Kiln"

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 4, 2008 - Scotland, USA, "Kill" vs "Kiln"

Angus Suttie (born in Scotland, died, London, England)
> Angus Suttie used the ceramic medium to reflect and
> celebrate his life, personal relationships and his
> deteriorating health. His work displays a diversity
> of influences. It refers to the abstract ceramics of
> his contemporaries combined with the liveliness and
> spontaneity of modern North American ceramics and
> the folk traditions of the Pre-Columbian American art.

Rose and Winton Eugene (Cowpens, SC, USA)
(pictorial sgraffito or underglaze decorated functional pottery; face jugs)$511

John Kellum (Orlando, FL, USA)
(Raku fired wheel-thrown and carved pots)

Clay Arts, Utah
> Clay Arts, Utah is dedicated to education and advancement
> of the clay arts. Members range from professional potters
> to students and supporters of the arts, brought together
> by the desire to see the clay arts remain strong in our
> communities. 2006 has focused on education, research,
> exhibits and shows. The tradition will continue in 2007.

Sang Robertson (Ormond, FL, USA)

Grafa, Mike Grafa (Austin, TX, USA)
Charlie Bohn (Shadyside Pottery) (New Orleans, LA, USA)
(shares studio space with Clayarter Alec Williams - see next entry)

Alex Williams (Clayarter) (Postsalot) (New Orleans, LA, USA )

Beatrice Wood (Ojai, CA, USA)
(BW surrounded by her admirers... )

Two fun links discussing "kill" or "kiln"

Cheers! -Helen

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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