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surfing with helen bates - april 6, 2008 - some sites from the uk

updated mon 7 apr 08


Helen Bates on sun 6 apr 08

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 6, 2008 - some sites from the UK

Hello, how are you?

Places to visit today:

Louisa Taylor (Deptford, London, England, UK)
> The roots of this collection began from an investigation into 18th
> Century tableware and the rituals of dining. This led me to question
> how functional ceramic items have evolved and changed to suit the
> eating rituals of today's society.The cup has been integrated with
> the saucer; therefore, one can be stacked on top of another. The
> small cream jug can function as a lid to the sugar pot when stacked
> on top to become a tidy set. My tableware aims to bring a sense of
> grace and presence to the table top, without dominating the food
> that is being presented. It is made from porcelain clay and individually
> thrown on the potters wheel.

Annette Bugansky (London, England, UK)
("trained and worked in fashion and costume design before becoming a
("researches techniques used in other disciplines and develops them for
use in ceramics. Inspiration is drawn from a number of different sources
including textile structure, patterns in natures, contemporary interiors
and city architecture")

Pilkington's Tile and Pottery Company (Manchester, Lancastershire,
England, UK)
(Early history of the company and exhibition at the Peter Scott Gallery,
Lancaster University)'s_Lancastrian_Pottery_&_Tiles
(Photo of the pottery, with its kilns and canal)

Firing Thoughts - Exhibition and Conference (Manchster, Lancastershire,
England, UK) (2007)
(Videos: Sharon Blakey - Making Drawing; Kyra Cane - Mark Making; Susan
Halls - Talking Drawing)
(Myra Kane is lifting a very large pot into a glaze "bath" at the start
of her video!)
Sharon Blakey
Kyra Kane:
Susan Halls (The UK Susan Halls in London, England, not the Susan Hall
in Point Reyes, California): (One page only)
(Scroll down)
> she uses whatever process best suits the subject to express and
> develop the form, which is sometimes abstracted to suggest only
> a minimum reference to the animal. She uses paperclay mixed with
> nylon fibre. Occasionally pieces are fired at stoneware
> temperatures but most are low fired by low-technology techniques:
> sawdust, smoke or wood firing. The animal sculptures incorporate
> metal elements such as nails and steel pieces.
(Vegetable sculptures as well...)

Jacqui Atkin (Oswestry, Shropshire, England, UK)
(burnished, smoke and resist raku fired forms using various handbuilding
techniques, exploring "the contrasts between pattern created by texture
or resist techniques, along side or over the burnished surface - using
the Raku technique for dramatic colour variations and markings") (Not
much of her work shown on the Internet)
(author of "Pottery Basics", "Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed",
and "Tile Artists Motif Bible")

Cheers! (as the Brits say)
Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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