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updated sun 13 apr 08


Nancy Guido on sat 12 apr 08

Funny story about media mail...I sent out two 500 Tiles books to good friends, one to Minnesota and one to Dearborn, Michigan, which is less than 30 miles from my home. The book to MN got there in four days. The one going to Dearborn made a long journey from the Plymouth (MI) post office to the Allen Park post office (bypassing its intended delivery stop), then to Denver, Colorado. It took four days to get to Denver. Apparently, that's where they inspect media mail. It took four more days to get back to Allen Park . Then it was delivered to Dearborn. My friends got their book after 11 days.

I bought the tracking information and delivery confirmation, sometimes thats a good thing - at least I knew where the book was, but it was just a little disconcerting that it had to go all the way to Denver to be inspected.

It was still cheaper than driving it and using two gallons of gas.

nancy g.