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clayart galleries of pottery forms

updated sun 20 apr 08


Chris Schafale on sat 19 apr 08

I've begun the process of updating the form galleries, and have
posted new work in almost all the different galleries. Thanks to
James Freeman, Lynne Berman, Dina Barnese, Allyson May, Benedict
Tisa, Gail Galusky, and Vera Romoda for being the first contributors
to the update. Come one, come all, come visit!


In case anyone missed it, here's the original message about the galleries:

If you've visited the clay exchange gallery, you have probably
noticed the other galleries as well, which include:

Lidded Forms
Drinking Vessels
Plates, Platters, Etc
Bottles and Vases
Sculptural Work
(There's also a license plate gallery, but that's a whole 'nother story...)

I made these a few years ago, in 2004 I think, to bring together work
from Clayart potters, and to create a source of inspiration for all
of us. I don't remember why I didn't do bowls at the time, but I
think perhaps there was another online exhibition of bowls going on
at the time, and I didn't want to detract from that. Anyway, I
haven't done much with the galleries since then, for lack of time and
energy, mostly.

This year, I'd like to open up the galleries again for a new
exhibition. This is your chance to update the work that represents
you in the gallery now, or to enter for the first time. Here are the rules:

Submissions will be accepted from now to July 1. I'll start posting
work as soon as I receive a few entries.

You must be an active Clayart subscriber/reader to enter. Lurkers
and newbies are welcome.

You can enter one piece of your own work in any of the
galleries. You can have one piece in each gallery, if you want, but
not multiple pieces in the same gallery.

I'm going to add a Bowls gallery this time, and judging by the
interesting work that came through the clay exchange, a Jewelry
gallery, and a Sets gallery (tea set, sake set, dinnerware,
whatever), and if I get enough of any other category, I'll make
galleries for them too. So the galleries are:

Lidded Forms
Drinking Vessels
Plates, Platters, Etc
Bottles and Vases
Sculptural Work

The work must be made primarily of clay, though of course handles and
other oddments/accessories of other materials are OK. No glass, no
polymer "clay". Otherwise, the field is wide open. High-fire,
mid-fire, low-fire, raku, pit-fire, whatever.

This is NOT a juried show. You can be a rank beginner, or a star who
sells your pots for $20K apiece. I don't care. Come one, come all,
and let your Clayart friends see what you do.

Please send me a .jpg image, preferably less than 1 megabyte file
size. I will crop the images to a standard size, so send a
reasonably high resolution image. If you don't know what all that
means, just send me what comes out of your camera and I'll do the
rest. You can send your images to this address:

Make sure you include your name, what state you are from (or province
or the equivalent) plus your country if not from the US. If you
include a website, I will put in a link from the gallery to your site.

This is not a sale, so I am not going to post prices. If you want to
sell work, point us to your website, or Etsy listing or whatever.

OK? If you have questions, or I've omitted something important, ask away.

Hope to see you in the galleries soon!

Chris Schafale

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA (near Raleigh)

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