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john/iron study

updated thu 10 apr 08


mel jacobson on wed 9 apr 08

yes john.
we used about a dozen.

spanish was the least effective for our study.
for sure, spanish can give sort of burnt orange to
yellow green. depends on firing. far too many options
here to count.
try calcining some iron..see what happens.

we did find a great ,almost pure red iron at laguna.
i had some dark brown from continental, and some
other older iron from jack wolf in new york, bag dated 1962.

remember, ochre can be used, and there are some wonderful
powerful yellow irons around.

you just have to scout, and remember, iron is not always
the same...far from it.

we got our chinese yellow pots from oxy, cone 12+ with that
very bright yellow iron.
ochre seems to be a bit bland...and does give a soft yellow
brown. when you reduce, things change fast.
it all turns brown.

i just made a favorite temmoku for the last batch of pots.
turtle glze 1. i used that old, almost black iron that many
use for clay. worked just fine. black and shinny.
breaks at the edges to orange.
from minnetonka:
clayart site: