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mug vs teabowl

updated sun 13 apr 08


joyce on fri 11 apr 08

Mark said:
So, if any of you are looking for something to do in clay this weekend come
and join us.. (

Mark, I would dearly love to take advantage of this workshop. I have a plane
ticket left over from NCECA that could easily be used to go to
but just glimpses of the national news tells me that
this is not the time to be flying anywhere..........

Anyway, one of these days I'm going to catch your workshop. I am interested
in all aspects of what you're offering, as well as the opportunity to
see Vince's

In the Mojave recalling progress, or reverse progress, in
understanding a little
bit about teabowls. When my teabowls were the only thing that didn't sell
out at my first major arena sale, I decided that if they only had handles on
them, they could be mugs ... and I could charge more. So next time I did
just that.......... made what I thought of as teabowls, but with
handles attached.
My very first customer remarked that she'd love to buy several of my
teabowls but not with "those handles sticking off the
side"............ seems she
WAS familiar with the teabowl concept having lived in Japan for several years.

Next sale, I made mugs....... no teabowls.......... and they sold
well enough, as
I recall. Mugs still aren't my favorite form to throw, although I am enamored
with my Clayart collection of mugs/cups/teabowls.