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fwd: hyatt/nceca 2009 april 7 - april 11

updated thu 24 apr 08


joyce on wed 23 apr 08

>I just had my reservation confirmed at the Hyatt in Phoenix (across from
>the Convention Center, whatever that means) at the NCECA
>negotiated rate..... not cheap, but cheaper than it would have
>been. This is the Hyatt on 2nd street.

Apparently their on-line service hasn't caught up with the new

In the Mojave taking Mojo to lunch with two Maltese pups (and
their owner, I hasten to add) .... at
an outdoor table. We'll see what happens........ I'm a bit
leery although she's very well-behaved at the Farmers Market.
The car will be parked nearby for any necessary quick getaways.