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new work on the blog, and buttons in the wash

updated tue 29 apr 08


Kim Hohlmayer on mon 28 apr 08

Hi, Deb,
Loved your blog and photos. I also do buttons in Raku. I didn't they were very practical but had a devoted sewing person tell me that she and others like her would rather have an awesome button that had to be cut off before laundering the clothing then sewn back on after than to use a more washing-safe button they could just sew on and forget. The other choice would be to experiment with matt acrylic finishes but I'm not sure how well that would work.
I love the people who want to know why they can't run my stoneware buttons through the
the dryer since they are okay in the washer. I simply ask them if they would put their fine china in their dryer and send it tumbling around. They get the point jvery quickly. :-)
Hope this helps.---Kim Hohlmayer

Deborah Thuman wrote:
I posted the photos from the raku firing on my blog. Thanks for looking.

Deb Thuman

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