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studio ideas/floors - now water

updated sat 26 apr 08


William & Susan Schran User on fri 25 apr 08

On 4/25/08 7:32 AM, "mel jacobson" wrote:

> i have found that running water is not a big need.
> i use two five gallon buckets. wash stuff, use it
> for clay and glaze.
> add to the five gallons each day. warm fresh water
> for throwing.
> bad water goes in on top of re/cycled clay bucket.

I have no sink in my studio (a one-car garage)

Water bucket with lid for throwing.
Slurry bucket next to wheel.
Keep transferring water back & forth.
Occasionally will add more water.
Never empty/throw out water.

Couple buckets of water for glazing, occasionally add new water.
Wait a few days, pour off clear water into another bucket.
Settled glaze "sludge" poured into lidded container.
Every few weeks, pour clear water out of "sludge" bucket, re-use.
Every 6 months - year, take glaze sludge to hazardous waste collection.
Never empty/throw out water.

I've got some vintage water for sale...


William "Bill" Schran