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suggestions for small studios? now setting treasures aside for

updated sat 26 apr 08


Clayart SCtag on fri 25 apr 08

later use

that statement and attitude reminds me of the tag sales where all the
linens of the finest quality and guest towels are new pristine as are the
special things that were for ''when the occasion warranted it'' so many of us
never come to use the ''best of the best'' saving it for ''someday'' then
those who follow who do not revere it sell it at tag sales.Just a thought.I
felt might make some of us dip into the larder and actually use that treasured
stuff we are waiting to use when ''the time is right''. We may never use
it in our lifetime.....I had a lot of things in that category stolen so I
Meg in SC

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hmurrow@EFN.ORG writes:

So there it reposes under his beautiful
floors until he needs it.

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