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raku glaze help????

updated sat 22 nov 97


Jennifer Rhinesmith on thu 20 nov 97

Hello everyone, I have just spent the night rakuing and have a question.
I found some glaze that I think is called "Partial Lubbock Red, Black,
Blue" I
was wondering if any of you Raku ppeople would happen to have the recipe.
It looks like a reduction Oribe Green. Really beautiful glaze. Could not
find the recipe in the studio. Hope that someone could help me out.
Thanks so much, Jennifer in Alpine

Erin Hayes on fri 21 nov 97

Jennifer, et al;

This is one of the glazes developed by James Watkins and Sara Waters,
who both teach at Texas Tech. From the notes I have from school, this
is the formula for Lubbock Red Black and Blue:

Lubbock Red Black & Blue (raku)

Colemanite 70
Ball Clay 30

Tin Ox. 1.5
Black Cu Carb. 5