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mucho bats in the belfry

updated tue 27 may 08


Taylor Hendrix on sun 25 may 08

Howdy doody:

I need some clay time badly

Okay, my favorite system of bats is still the hardibats I and other
have mentioned. I have no pins on my wheel head but use clay slurry to
fix the bat to the wheel head. I do need to dunk very very dry bats
into water for a second or two or they will completely dry out the
slurry before I have finished the pot, causing the bat to pop off the
wheel head. They do a number on your wooden tools and fingernails so
be careful.

I also have several Hendley bats I have made from my old kitchen
counter top from Waco. I cut them large and added cleats according to
Monsignor Hendley's instructions. They are great.

I have used the plastic bats on my teacher's wheel and they are great
but I just like trying to make my own stuff when I get a chance.

I have also tried Vince's heavy duck bats, but I could never get them
to work well for me. I gave it several shots but I'm just not able to
make it work for me. Shame too because I was sure I could add hot glue
signatures to the duck for leaving depressions for inlay. Never did
get to try it.

I still try to throw as much as I can straight on the wheel head and
lift off. My wheel head is pretty beat up and could probably do with a
bit of sanding down, but I don't want to mess it up.

Still busy with the remodeling so no clay these days. Tomorrow I
continue the rest of the old kitchen demo. The brain trust glued down
my current counter tops with liquid nails, so I may not get big enough
scraps for more Hendley bats but I'm sure going to try. Paneling off
and sheetrock on. Boy I sure love taping and floating, yum. I am
rather like a suppliant maid these days (no loud cursing) but tomorrow
is more electrical, so.

Everyone be good, now,

Taylor, in Rockport TX