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workshop in india/yucca brushes

updated thu 29 may 08


joyce on tue 27 may 08

Anytime I read Clayart my time is well spent. There are also
surprises here and there. I was TRULY taken aback when I saw
that Potters Council was having a Hands-On workshop in India,
according to the subject line that appeared on my screen!
Okay, Indiana is a much more reasonable objective, but just
for a minute there I contemplated India as my destination. Wow.
(I knew that I'd know ONE potter since I'm sure Marta would be
there. I've missed her ... so was planning on e-mailing her to find
out if she'd seen the announcement, when I decided I'd best read
the whole thing before passing info along. Drat! )

Yucca Brushes:

When I was fortunate enough to be in a Robin Hopper's Glaze
Colour and Development two-week course several years ago,
there was also a brush-making class offered. I dropped in on
them on my breaks several times and was very intrigued. It was
only when I returned home that I discovered several of the plants
from which they created brushes were growing right on my
scrub acreage. I began making brushes since then but had
forgotten about them during my couple of years hiatus. Thanks for
the reminder, Angela and Mel. I'm sure I still have some around...
can't wait to get started again!

Clayart rocks.

In the Mojave desert of California U.S.A.
Member of Founding Board for Potters Council, and proud of it!