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fwd: re: vacancy notice, northern utah high school

updated mon 2 jun 08


joyce on sun 1 jun 08

>Good for you, Lee! Wherever there is Excellence, one will
>always find Jealousy lurking around the edges. J. seems to
>usually find people who don't want to do the Work themselves
>so don't really want your program or product, but don't want
>you to have it either!
>The ones consumed with Jealousy are to be pitied. I
>read or heard something somewhere recently which fits
>your situation. "It's not enough that I succeed; I don't
>want anybody else to succeed either." I know....... that
>was Daniel Day-Lewis in "There Will Be Blood."
>Come to think of it, folks inhabited by the Green Eyed
>Monster are not just to be pitied. Filled with Evil Thoughts
>and Desires to Ruin Others, they can be dangerous.
>Enough of that Stinkin' Thinkin'. Enjoy your new program.
>The fun of re-building is worth all the work.
>Good fortune.
>In the Mojave Desert of California U.S.A.

> Lee said:
>>The Logan School Board approved the hiring of a new ceramics/arts
>>teacher last Tuesday night to build a shrinking pottery program back
>>into a full-time position. The job interviews had been conducted the
>>week before and a tentative job offer was extended. I have accepted the
>>offer, it has been board approved, and I will be the pottery teacher at
>>Logan High School beginning this fall. The pottery position at Box Elder
>>High School is officially vacated beginning school year 2008-2009.