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glaze class

updated mon 2 jun 08


Karin Givon on sun 1 jun 08

I just took a glaze workshop with Chic Lotz, here in Nevada City
( just east of Sacramento about an hour) and boy oh boy! Did I
learn things about how glazes work that made it all fall into place
for me. I now feel confident that I can adjust and change the
textural/depth quality of my pots at will, as well as the cone range--
and now it will be MY will, at least to some extent! ( I am a potter,
I know about kilns!)
I would really recommend highly checking out Chic's workshops. She
has one coming up in August in Nevada City, at the Mud Hut. It's a 5
day one, but believe me , she has five days of pertinent information
to give! Plus hand outs and posters and things....
I've been a potter for 40 years and I 've seldom done a workshop that
has SO turned me on, and made me feel empowered! You can go to her
website ( which is and find out the particulars!
DO it! You'll be glad!